Lost a pillar, but never loses hope.

Life is full of uncertainties. It is unpredictable and uncontrollable. Just like the story of Rosila Galangga, the woman who lost a pillar but never loses hope.

Last May 2019 began the desolation of Tita Rosila, 55, of Tiaong, Quezon when her late husband was diagnosed with Brain Infarction. In this surprising news, they were not ready of what the outcome of it.

“I was stunned and I don’t know what’s happening to my husband. I was crying the moment I saw him in stroke condition. Days after that, my husband died,” Rosila recollected.

This fresh moment still lingers in her memory. The death of her loved one became the news in their community and it reached the knowledge of their Account Officer and MBA Coordinator as she and her husband are both members of CARD Mutual Benefit Association (CARD MBA). The validation starts processing right after. The MBA Coordinator asked for the needed documents and in no less than 24 hours, she already received the claims payment for the insurance of her husband.

Her lonesome moments made it better by CARD MBA as it gave her hope after they lost their pillar. Part of the claims they received was used for the burial of her husband.

“I am still thankful that the claims we received from CARD MBA give us hope to start our again without him. If I and my husband didn’t join and let ourselves be secured by CARD MBA, I don’t know what kind of life I have now,” said Tita Rosila.

Marwin, their son, also received donation from the Association as he is also a member of the Association. The remaining amount from their claims was used as additional capital for their small business. Tita Rosila engages in direct selling while her son has an animal raising business. Though still small business, they do their best to make it grow.

“Even that there are big changes in the household, it didn’t become a hindrance for us to move forward and become stronger. I know my father wouldn’t like to see us weeping for his lost for a long time,” Marwin stated.

“CARD MBA didn‘t neglect us, instead they helped us in their uttermost ability. I sincerely thank them for that,” he added.

“Don’t ever think of quitting. We can’t say when will be the end of our lives, but we can count on CARD MBA. For those who are living in the countryside, on the rural places like ours, this opportunity will secure us in whatever uncertainties that may happen. I can assure you that CARD MBA will be our hope,” Rosila said with a smile on her face.