CARD MBA Strategies

CARD MBA ensures the effectiveness of its operations through tested strategies, one of these is the involvement of the MBA Coordinators who act as the channel for information dissemination and feedback mechanism of the association. They are assigned in each Unit where CARD operates. The MBA Coordinator, who is also a member-borrower of CARD, coordinates with the Center Chiefs and Branch/Unit Managers in terms of claim validation and reports needed by the MBA main office. They are required to visit at least six (6) centers a month to know problems of the centers and solicit suggestions as how to solve the problems. They also perform underwriting functions that include enlisting CARD members and monitoring status of membership. The Coordinators are the direct link of the association to the members. The links from top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top allow for the timely settlement of claims and high quality feedback mechanism. Before any new product or innovations are introduced to members, such mechanism is used to guarantee wide acceptance among members of any changes in the association’s products and services.

In terms of marketing and delivery of services, the association essentially uses the existing Provincial Offices and Unit networks of CARD MRIs. It enables the association to effectively promote the products and transact business with its members as center meetings of Units are conducted on a weekly basis.

With regards to the managing risks, CARD MBA as a matter of procedure relies heavily on actuarial risks analysis of products introduced to members. An actuary expert is usually contracted by the association to conduct actuarial study.