Funding Source and Investment

On December 31, 1999 the year when Members Mutual Fund (MMF) shifted to CARD MBA, the total asset of the institution was only Php 6.61 million. These assets have significantly increased to Php 13 billion as of December 31, 2017. The funds are invested in the government securities and into time deposits.

Further, the funding of CARD MBA is mainly sourced from members’ weekly contributions. Each member contributes Php20.00 weekly (Php15.00 for Life Insurance and Php5.00 for their Retirement Fund) to the Association for as long as she is a member. For Golden Life Insurance Program (optional program), each member contributes Php50.00 (option 1) or Php100.00 (option 2) weekly premium.

Aside from the weekly contributions, another source of fund of the association is the 1.5% loan redemption fees being deducted from the proceeds of the loan under its Credit Life Insurance Program.