Impact to Members

Surveys showed that the products and services of CARD MBA have been rated as number one in terms of clients satisfaction. Members were saying that they joined CARD and not to other microfinance institution because of the benefits that can be derived from MBA.

CARD MBA has been able to meet a specific demand of client-members for insurance in case of death to cover burial expenses, to repay the loan in case of death of a member-borrower, and provident fund or retirement savings for old age. There has been a high level of satisfaction for these products (Life Insurance, All Loans Insurance Package, Provident/retirement savings fund) provided by the Association. Responsiveness to members needs is high. For example, in the case of Life Insurance, death claims are paid even before burial as long as all necessary documents are complete and submitted for validation.

Meanwhile, health insurance and educational assistance are the two demands that are still unmet but actuarial studies are already underway to determine their feasibility.

Mass Wedding is also a welcome service to them because the children of members with live-in partners were legitimized and became their legal dependents. It is CARD MBA’s way in initiating a moral recovery program of the community where it operates.