Management Team


May S. Dawat

Chief Executive Officer

Janet D. Caneo

Deputy Director for Admin and Finance

Arlene R. Umandap

Deputy Director for Claims & Technical Support

Roselito A. Magpantay

Operations Director

Gina C. Abata

Deputy Director for Operation (Luzon 1)

Ma. Joyce M. Alimagno

Deputy Director for Operation (Luzon 2)

Mauricio B. Maur

Deputy Director for Operation (Visayas)

Michael Kelvin N. Junos

In-house Actuary

Rona R. Nava

Deputy Director for Operations (Mindanao)

Jennifer O. Redublo

Compliance Officer

Aileen C. Barrera

Claims Manager

Kathryn Joyce B. Manimtim

Finance Manager

Lorenz Nicole R. Casas


Edison P. Tuico

DCC & Underwriting Manager

Solomon A. Aramil

Senior Admin Manager

Mary Anne M. Amatus

Business Analyst

Rose B. Martecion

Cluster Manager (Luzon 1)

Erwin G. Venancio

Cluster Manager  (Luzon 2)

Maribel M. Almanza

Cluster Manager (Luzon 3)

John Paulin P. Icaro

Cluster Manager (Luzon 4)

Edison R. Reyes

Cluster Manager (Luzon 5)

Eduardo D. Rapsing Jr.

Cluster Manager (Visayas 1)

Catherine M. Patay

Cluster Manager (Visayas 2)

Francis R. Montilla

Cluster Manager (Visayas 3)

Janicekith N. Navera

Cluster Manager (Mindanao 1)

Catherine E. Pondevida

Cluster Manager (Mindanao 2)

Oliver M. Reyes

(DDO/ International Group – Cambodia)

Nice C. Macalalad

(CM/International Group – Vietnam)

Management Team
For White Background

Standing (from left to right):
… Gina C. Abata, Ma. Joyce M. Alimagno, Aileen C. Barrera, Mauricio B. Maur, Catherine M. Patay, Michael Kelvin N. Junos, Edison P. Tuico, Erwin G. Venancio, Solomon A. Aramil, Edison R. Reyes, Mary Anne M. Amatus, Francis R. Montilla, Janicekith P. Navera, Kathryn Joyce B. Manimtim, Jennifer O. Redublo

Sitting (from left to right):
Catherine E. Pondevida, Aristopher F. Punzalan, Rona R. Nava, May S. Dawat, Janet D. Caneo, Arlene R. Umandap, Oliver M. Reyes, Nice C. Macalalad